Mydos 5.0 Goes Shareware

Atari's on-again, off-again disk operation system (DOS) developments have caused many XE/XL owners to write their own DOS utility programs to solve the lack of a good operation system. Many DOS utilities have been written since Atari DOS 2.0S back in the early '80s. MYDOS, written by Steve Marselette was one of the first full-function DOS programs for the XE. MYDOS was normally packaged for sale through the normal dealer channels, but now MYDOS 5.0 has been put into the public domain as a shareware product.
Shareware is a new method of distributing software through public bulletin board systems and your local dealer or user group. You are free to make a copy of MYDOS 5.0 and use it for home or business. If you decide to keep it, the author asks you to send him $10, as a royalty for writing a useful program.
MYDOS 5.0 is a pretty hefty program. In addition to a disk sector editor, command line interpreter (CLI), and multiple autorun support, MYDOS supports many different types of disk drives for the XL/XE computer. If you have a Happy drive, Atari XF551 or even an ICD hard disk drive, MYDOS allows you to create custom disk drivers to operate your drive. MYDOS is density smart.