Wordmark Systems
2705 Pinewood Dr.
Garland, TX 75044

January 20, 1989

Dear Mr. van Nisselroy,

Here are the files I placed in the Compuserve and Genie libraries here; some are duplicated, however, for my own convenience. The first diskette contains the file READ.ME and can be typed or printed with the "C" command. The "manual" , two files named MAIN.DOC and TECH.DOC need to be deARCed before being printed (they are formatted for an 8.5"x11" printer page layout). Both of the .DOC files will not fit on a single density diskette, so each should be restored to a blank diskette before printing. A collection of utilities are also on the first diskette, but they are also on the third diskette, ready to run. This is jUst a second copy (in the format they are provided on Compuserve and Genie).

The second disk contains the source files to MYDOS and the BUILD utility used to create a modified version of MYDOS. Again, there is not sufficient room on a single density diskette to restore all of the source files, so you should restore MDOS*.* to one diskette, MDUP*.* to another, and BUILD.* to either of the first two or to a third. After assembling MDOS.OBJ and MDUP.OBJ, copy both files to the disk containing BUILD.OBJ, run BUILD.OBJ, and after pressing the START key twice, the new MYDOS should be running, ready to be saved to disk with the H command.

The third disk is a bootable copy of MYDOS, with copies of most of the utility programs both in the root directory and in the RAMDISK: directory.

There are three relatively obvious problems with this version of MYDOS: the "/X" modifier does not work properly in the "C" command, the "J" command does not properly format. the destination diskette (omitting "/X" is the same as including it), and hardware errors (bad sectors, etc.) are reported with the wrong error code fairly often. These seem to have arisen when we converted the code from the AMAC assembler to the MAC/65 assembler.

I have been informed that the Atari XF 551 drive does not pay any attention to the configure commands issued by MYDOS (unlike other double sided drives), but uses a special "format double sided" command, so the easiest way to format a disk double sided on the XF 551 for MYDOS is to format it double sided using some utility specifically provided for that purpose (by Atari?) .Then issue the "I" command and reformat it with a response of 1/N when MYDOS asks for the

t drive number. The problem is actually that MYDOS does not inform the XF 551 that the diskette is to be double sided -- so the drive always formats the disk single sided. A better solution, involving more work, is to modify the code in MDOS1.M65 or MDOS2.M65 (I do not remember exactly where the formatting code is) to issue the new double-sided format command to the drive if formatting a double sided drive, and if an error occurs issue the standard format command -- this would handle both the Astra/Trak/Percom/etc. type drives and the new XF 551 drives, though the older drive types will be a little slower and noisier to format.

To copy from one disk to another with a single drive, just issue the "C" command with only one file name, say D1:BIGDATA and it will copy small files correctly, and should copy large files correctly as well. If the "/X" modifier worked with the "C" command (as it used to), then you could copy changing the name of the file and still use a single disk drive. But it does not in this version.

I will collect my posted changes, as well as those that I see on Usenet and Compuserve here, and pass them on to you periodically. And thank you for your encouragement.

Enjoy it well,

Charles Marslett